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What to expect for 2018 christinar blog post. Ray ban ovals.

Hey Darlings! It has been a while! I am so excited for the new year and things to come. For a while there I had really lost motivation for my blog and lacked creativity in all other areas, I was in such a rut. However, since the new year has hit I have had this rush of creativity and ideas and am so looking forward to executing them throughout the year of 2018.

For the last few months I have been pondering about what I would like to get into. Is it wedding planning? Maybe photography? Do I want to get back into TV? In 2017 I learnt that I am a person who is constantly coming up with new ideas and as soon as I have an idea I have to make a start on the vision. This was always my downfall and I never realised this, I always jumped from one idea to another, so for the new year I invested in some good business and self help books and me and my Husband took a break to Cyprus to take some time out from everything and for a week I got to relax, research and read. I read a lot! The most inspiring book to me was She means Business by Carrie Green, an inspiring entrepreneur, if you haven't heard of her already you should definitely check out her website Female entrepreneur Association, a platform for business women.

Before the trip I had settled on two things I wanted to achieve in 2018 when it came to my Career.

1. To continue the blog and learn how to grow.

2. Start my own clothing range.

So, what can you, my audience, expect from me this year? What direction are we going in? What can I offer you? First things first, as of next Friday 2nd February, I will be launching my new clothing and accessories range. Only a few items will be listed to begin with, the idea is to start small and be a unique boutique. From next Friday you will be able to buy some beautiful spring dress's as well as a few more items. Intrigued? you should be! Next week there will be a new post every day from Monday to Launch day Friday where I showcase each item I am selling. So make sure you come back every day to check whats to come and then by Friday 2nd Feb you can buy the items you love!

This is a goal that I have had for myself for a long time and although it may be slow to begin with, I am so excited for what is to come! I also hope you love the range and the items I have carefully picked.

As for the rest of the Blog, I am aiming to get more creative and have more of a routine when it comes to uploading. I want to talk more about lifestyle, health, fashion and organisation and also still expand into wedding, events and styling. I plan on uploading a new blog post every Monday and if I can handle that then hopefully grow into a few new blogs a week.

So, I hope that if you are new here to ChristinaR that you will stick around and see what is to come. If you are not new and have been around since the chrissisblogs era, than thank you for your patience darlings, cheers to 2018 and all new things in the air!

By ChristinaR

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