Tipi Tent for the back Garden

As we edge into Autumn I wanted to write a post and create a cosy fall look. Incorporating the dream-catcher, candles and coffee really makes for a cosy feel for this back garden. Insert a small campfire outside and you have yourself a cosy little afternoon tea set up that you can enjoy with your partner or with friends. I know we sure did after this was shot.

These last few months I have really enjoyed exploring my styling and event skills. Creating different styles and learning what goes with what. I have enjoyed it so much so that I have started a course on wedding styling and planning and am enjoying it so much. So expect more stylish shoots coming your way!

However, I want to take it backwards a bit too and start doing my old school reviews, tutorials and general advice videos. Im looking forward to writing some more blogs as I have been a bit distant recently. So get ready for my comeback!

By ChristinaR

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