Things that 2016 taught me


2016 was a year of lessons, good and bad. Lets look back and capture some of life's lessons in 2016.

No1. Friendships

2016 was definitely a year I learnt a lot about friendships and what type of people are positive influences on your life and what type of people are not. It is so important to surround yourself with positive and like minded people. Your best friend does not have to be someone that you have known all your life, it could be someone who you have known for 1, 2 or 5years, even less! If you click with someone then does it matter how long you have known them? I met my best friend 5 years ago at University.

True and loyal friends are hard to find, but are so worth it when you do, so treat them well.

No2. You don't have to have everything figured out

I turned 25 in 2016. Not old at all, however I felt that I should have had everything figured out by now. I should own my house, I should be financially stable and I should be well into the career of my dreams. How wrong was I. At 25 I am only just starting my career, I do not own my house (although I am working towards this goal) and although I am financially stable, it may not last forever and you know what...thats ok! I put so much pressure on myself to be perfect, when the reality is, no one is perfect. I am setting my goals and working towards my career. Instead of pressuring myself I am enjoying the whole process.

No3. Life is short, chase your dreams

Imagine if you spent 40hrs a week on your dream instead of someone else's. I thought about this all day every day when I was working in an office. I worked in the media industry and I loved the work, but it was not what I wanted to do forever. I wanted to spend my time and effort on MY brand. I kept imagining what I could achieve in a day if I was doing my own thing instead of sitting in front of a computer stressing over things for someone else. If you have a dream or a goal, then go out there and do it, sometimes you have to take risks, and sometimes they don't always work, but at least you can say that you have tried!

No4. Healthy is a way of life

Even though I have an impending wedding, 2016 was a very unhealthy year for me when it came to exercise and food. I had a lot of bad situations thrown at me in 2016 and it really brought me down mentally, so I turned to food and because I felt so down I did not care. I ate what I wanted and done nothing about it. Then I realised, eating all those McDonalds, takeaways and chocolate bars was not making me feel any better. If anything it made me feel worse. I not only had the bad situations, but I also had bad skin and felt terrible about my body which made me feel even worse. So I started to research fitness programs and fitness youtubers and so far in 2017 I have really stuck to my healthy eating and exercise programs.

Quick tip - The Body Coach Lean in 15 cookbooks are amazing and have been so helpful in this process! Go check them out and thank me later!

No5. Keep Learning

Never stop learning! Never! When you stop learning you stop living, you plato and life can get boring. Blogging and my Youtube thrills my creative side so much, I am constantly researching new ways to improve my work and also my mind set. I want to read more educational books this year and grow my empire! To do this I have to keep learning and never stop.

No6. So much can change in a year

You can change so much in a year. So many times I will sit and put myself down for not coming as far as I wanted to, but sometimes you need to look further back. This time last year I didn't have a domain name, I had about 10 followers on my social media account and my equipment was minimal. If I look back to a year ago I have come so far. I hope that in another years time I will have seen myself grow even more and I just need to remember that.

By ChristinaR

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