My tips to a good nights sleep!

Who, like me, loves their sleep! *Hands up really high in the air* Good, I'm glad I am not the only one. But who else like me, can sometimes find it really hard to switch off and sleep at a good time? If this describes you then here are some of my top routines that I do that helps me to unwind and get more sleep when needed. 

1. Hot Bath 

A hot bath helps so much when you need to unwind and relax. Try soaking in some essential salts and putting on some candles. Sometimes I even bring my Ipad/Iphone in the bathroom to play some soothing spa music. Here is a link to one of my favourites on youtube!

2. De -Humidify and Scents

Sometimes its great to light some candles as the scents and the atmosphere they bring can really help you wind down. However, lately I have been really getting into essential oils and humidifiers. I love them! As well as pushing out some amazing smells you can also de-humidify your room which also helps towards a more relaxing sleep. As well as that, a lot of them come with a self-timer so you can trust them to turn itself off whilst you sleep rather than staying up to blow out your candles. Try Lavender infused essential oils for a good nights sleep. Who wants a separate post on the Humidifier? Comment below.

3. Disconnect.

Put the phone down! Turn off the technology at least a half hour before you go to bed. Put the laptop down, the phone, the Ipad and if possible, even turn the TV off and try reading a book instead. It is said that the bright lights from our screens send mixed signals to the brain that we need to stay awake. So try turning everything off and let your brain know that it is bedtime. 

4. Tea

Try drinking a calming chamomile tea. This is something that I been trying lately and it works wonders. Not only does the chamomile sooth your senses and help towards a good nights sleep, I use the time that I have tea in my hands to disconnect from social media. It is kind of my switch off time, the time that I tell myself it's the end of the day and time to relax.

5. Meditation sounds. 

When I am really desperate and can't sleep, my go to has always been to listen to soothing sounds. My favourite is Rain and Thunder sounds. I also like spa music, rain forest waterfalls and the sounds of raining on a tent (Fun fact - I love camping!). You can find these sounds on apps or even on youtube for free! I find that when I listen to natural sounds like rain, it really helps me to get back down the earth and within 20 minutes I normally fall asleep. It is a godsend for me when I am struggling to get off to sleep! 

I have always been someone that has struggled to unwind and get to sleep at night. I like to think of myself as a bit of a night owl, its when I am most creative. However, lately I am really trying to change these habits and these 5 routines have really helped me and I hope they help some of you out there too! 

By ChristinaR

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