Wow, this month marks our one year wedding anniversary. What? It has gone so fast. In celebration of this milestone I wanted to dedicate todays post to reflect on this past year.

I remember the first few days of being husband and wife were amazing. Not only did we get married in Cyprus, we also then fled to the Maldives for our romantic honeymoon which was A-MAZ-ING! If there is anywhere I could urge you to visit, it would be this place. It is so far away from home, so beautiful and luxurious that you genuinely feel like your in heaven. Each day we woke up and enjoyed the sunshine, ate delicious food and relaxed the f**k out! After such a hectic and busy (yet amazing) whirlwind of a wedding, it was exactly what the doctor ordered. I could not have been more in heaven with my newly wedded husband. (PS: I will never forget the amazing food in the maldives)

A few months into our marriage it was actually quite hard. Not in the sense of our relationship, but in the sense that...we had nothing to plan! We had spent the last two years prepping and planning for our big day. The day had now been and gone and we felt a little lost. We both laughed about it as we felt we had nothing big to talk about. I can fully understand how and why newlyweds have a baby straight after marriage as this is the next big thing to look forward to and plan. However, this was not our plan. We still had a few things to tick off our bucket list before we welcomed any baby Ratfords.

So instead, to cure those Wedding day blues, we decided to plan a Big BBQ for all of our wedding guests to attend. Our wedding day was almost like a wedding week holiday in Cyprus and all of our friends and family got to meet each other days before the wedding. Although unplanned, in hindsight this was great as it meant the wedding day felt so natural and friendly as everybody already got on so well! So we decided to host a reunion BBQ which was a complete success. We had great food by my MR CHEF RATTY and I also got to create another fun and pretty event which I was dying to do!

IBIZA! In August we celebrated Craig's cousins significant birthday in IBIZA. This was also our first holiday as a married couple and also our first time in Ibiza. I had some reservations about the island as all I had to go on was the film 'Kevin and perry go large!' (if your a 90's baby you will know!) However, as always I went in with an open mind and I have to be honest, I had an AMAZING time! We visited some amazing restaurants and landmarks. We also spent a day at the ocean beach club which I loved! I thought it may have been quite, dare I say, snobby...however, it really wasn't. We had a great time and spent some romantic evenings together as husband and wife.

By the time October swung around we had started to plan our Europe trip with two of our closest friends. (This was part of that bucket list I told you about earlier). I am happy to say that now, everything is all booked and I am so excited to set off in June for a month in EUROPE. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Youtube to follow me around and see what I get up to! I am so excited to not only be experiencing this with my husband but also with my best friend's.

When Christmas had arrived I couldn't believe how quickly the year had gone. New years eve quickly followed Christmas and we had a great night out with our travel buddies at a swanky joint in London! The Blues Kitchen.

New years also forced us to look into our future and what our next steps were after our June adventures. It forced me to look into my career, where I wanted to go with it and also what our next steps were as a married couple.

In January we decide to take a trip to back to Cyprus to see the family and get away. It had almost been 8 months since we had visited and that is not normal for us so it was great to get out there and see everyone. Our wedding week was so hectic that I didn't feel that I got to spend quality time with my Cypriot family, so it felt like it was almost a year since I had seen them properly. So this was a well needed trip in my eyes. It was also nice to spend some quality time with my husband. He can work long hours as well as spend a lot of time coaching and playing rugby, so our quality time is few and far between, so I really cherish these getaways. Whilst In cyprus, I read an amazing book 'She means Business' and this really inspired me to start taking my blog more seriously. Which is exactly what I did when I got back to the UK and since implementing the points made in Carrie's book I have seen some impressive growth and it has really motivated me to move forward with this website.

Which leads me to our Anniversary month. A month that has come out of nowhere it seems. Now, lets be honest, I don't think any relationship is easy, however it is what you make it. I think the core foundations to any relationship are trust and communication. To sum up, I have had the most amazing first year of being a wife. I am so happy to be married and love everything about how our relationship works. Obviously, I don't feel like that all the time, everyone has their ups and downs, however, the majority of the time, I feel truly blessed to have found a man that understands me, can hold an intelligent conversation and loves me as dearly as I love him. I really do not know what I would do without my Husband.

I hope that you all have or will find your perfect partner. When you do, hold them and never let them go, whether you marry them or not.

Thank you for reading!

By ChristinaR

Note - Our wedding photographer was amazing! I loved our photos and he loves what he does and it shows. Definitely check out his work if you are looking for a wedding photographer. D&A Photography.

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