My Morning Skincare Routine - In collaboration with Gray

Morning skincare routine

Good morning everyone! This month I have a couple of collaboration posts coming your way so be sure to check back to see who else I have worked with this month. Today I have collaborated with GrayAlopecia to share with you our morning and nightime skincare routines. So after you have read all about my morning routine be sure to check out GrayAlopecias nightime routine.

Every morning I like to wake up and I am not going to lie, check my phone. Bad, yes, I know, however I think it is a habit many of us have, so I am not alone. After that I like to get up, stretch, turn my computer on and then head downstairs to make myself either a green tea or a Matcha Latte (see my recipe here).

I like to keep my skincare simple as I don't feel like using lots of chemicals on your face does your skin any good. My favourite brand when it comes to skincare is The Body Shop as the products are mostly natural and does not have as many harsh chemicals in them as other brands. I have also recently delved into Lush lately for the same reasons. So here is my 5 step morning in my routine.

Elizabeth arden prevage review

1. Elizabeth Arden Cleanser

I have been using this product recently and I love it! It is especially great in the mornings to help remove any excess dirt leftover from the night before. Every morning I will wake myself up by slathering this on the face and spalshing myself clean with cold water.

Lush review

2. Lush 9to5

I have been using this product for only a few months but boy how I love it! I love how clean it is, I love the packaging, I love the natural smell it gives and I love how it clears my skin. Even after cleaning my face the night before and in the morning, you can be surprised at how much product is still leftover. Using cleanser will help clear all this up and this is a favourite of mine at the moment.

The body shop review

3. Elderflower eye gel

I then go in with my eye gel. At the moment I am using The Body Shop elderflower eye gel. I definately suffer with dark undereyes so I always make sure to use undereye cream/gel to reduce the bags. The Body Shop Elder flower eye gel is what I have been using for many years now, I love it!

Clearasil review

4. Clearasil Rapid Action Treatment

If it is that time of the month and I am breaking out, then I will go in with my Clearasil Rapid action treatment. This stuff is gold! Dab this product onto your blemish and it will go down by the next day. Definitely a favourite. A little tip - use all of your products before applying your moisturiser. The moisturiser will lock in all of the product's underneath and if you apply anything after your moisturiser it will act as a blocker and you will not get the full advantages of your products.

The body shop review

5. Body shop moisturiser

Now, the star of the show! This has been my go to moisturiser now for 2 years! I love everything about it, its texture, its smell, its packaging, and of course the way it makes my face feel. If you haven't tried it yet, definitely try The Body Shop Youth Drops Moisturiser.

This is quite a quick routine to do in the morning and can make all off the difference to your skin. I think it is all about minimising your products but finding those great gold-dust products that works wonders for your skin!

I have collaborated with GrayAlopecia in this post to bring you our skincare routines. So now that you have seen my morning routine go check out Grays!

Thank you for reading!

By ChristinaR

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