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Happy Monday! One thing I want to start doing on a Monday is a motivational post. Written pieces to help start every Monday with motivation, health, organisation, self-care, and so on. Today's post is going to be all about Crystals and why I love them so much and how they can help with the mind and body.

I have always loved the look of crystals, but within the last year I have really taken an interest in collecting them and learning more about what they are all about. I have slowly grown my collection over the last 2 years and I literally love each and every one of them as they all have different meanings and can help with different areas of your life.

So what crystals do I own? How did they come into my possession? What purpose do they serve? Where did I find them? The latter 2 questions were ones I also asked myself before finding any of my crystals. I had no idea where to buy them or what they actually meant. So today I am going to share my stories with you and maybe this will help you to begin your search in what crystals take your fancy. If you want to find out more about what each of these crystals mean then be sure to download today's PDF file at the bottom of this post. Its free and its full of information and tips! Save it to your computer, print it out and stick up on your wall or file it away for future reference as to what each crystal represents.

My first crystal


The Clear Quartz and my Amethyst tumble-stone were my first crystals. This was a joint purchase and I found them in a crystal store in Rochester town. Rochester is a small town in Kent which is quite famously known as Charles Dickens hometown. Rochester was also a hometown for my Dad for 7 years, so for a while I spent a lot of time down there at weekends, so I am very familiar with it. If you have ever been there or do plan to go then I would recommend the few crystal shops that they have. They have about 3-4 crystals shops along the 'high-street' and they are not hard to miss. I love going in them as they have a nice and spiritual atmosphere which I enjoy so much.

What came next

My Black tourmaline crystal was my next purchase and this was found by chance on a one time stall owner in lakeside shopping centre. The stall was so cute and adorable and the owner was a gentleman who was a little crazy (though also sweet) and as soon as the stall was there the next time I went to visit, it was gone. So with this lesson I learnt to definitely buy the crystals as and when I see them as I missed out on a few other beauties. The black tourmaline is one the crystals I pretty much take with me everywhere, I normally keep it in my handbag to ward of toxins and negativity. If you want to know more about the Black Tourmaline then download my free printable.

My Rose quartz

Rose quartz and clear quartz

My rose quartz is my second from favourite crystal. I find this light pink rock to be so beautiful and I love its meaning. I found this crystal in The London Astrology Store near convent garden which was shown to me by my best friend Lily. She has been into crystals since childhood and has her own collection. When she learnt that I was building my own collection she couldn't wait to take me to this store, and I quickly learnt why, it was amazing! It is only a small store but it is filled with amazing crystals, stones and other spiritual items like books, jewellery and so on, whats more, is that it is so affordable! So if you are ever in London, then definitely check out this crystal store, you will not regret it!

One of my favourite

So I have to admit, my Citrine crystal is my favourite from the lot. I have such a connection with it, I love its meaning and it is also very pretty which is always a bonus. I also found this from the one time stall man in Lakeside and it was the first crystal I was drawn to and picked up. The Citrine crystal is supposed to stimulate creativity, help with your career and is generally a happy crystal. I keep this crystal on my desk so that whenever I am at my computer working on my blog then I can benefit from the vibrations of this rock.

A gift from my husband

Jade crystal

My most recent crystal is the Jade stone that my Husband gave me for Christmas. It was one of my favourite gifts this year and I found it so thoughtful. When I opened this jade stone I thought it was so thoughtful and to me it meant he really took notice of my years obsessions with crystals. The stone he got me is also shaped into a good luck symbol with is extra special as Jade can mean good luck among other things. I am still yet to find a spot in the house for this little beauty. If you have any suggestions then please leave a comment down below!

Crystal arm. Rose quartz, Citrine, Clear quartz, Black tourmaline, clear quartz, amethyst

My collection isn't very big, but it is special to me. It is forever growing and I can't wait to see what other crystals will find their way into my life this year and in the future. For sure there are a few crystals I am keeping my eyes open for. These include a larger and more crystallised Amethyst rock, a blue lace agate, jet stone and shungite which are all supposed to help with anxiety and finally I want to build a collection of small and large wand crystals as these are supposed to help with meditation, but more on that in another post.

I hope this post helped some of you in thinking of places to find your Crystals and if you want more information on what each Crystal does and what they mean then be sure to download the free printable at the end of this post!

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