Make Room! Wardrobe Clear-out!

Spring has arrived and so the cleaning must commence! First up! The wardrobe! Today, for Fashion Fridays, I wanted to share with you how I purge my wardrobe. I will also be uploading a wardrobe tour video over on my youtube account soon, so stay tuned for that!

Here are some of my tips when purging your wardrobe.

Step One - Take it all out!

Start from square one and take EVERYTHING out from the wardrobe! Only put things back if 1. You really want to keep them and 2. You have enough room for them. If there isn't enough room then something has to go! Whats it gonna be? Taking everything out makes it so much easier to throw some items away. You have to be ruthless in this process. If it helps, just keep telling yourself that this allows you to buy new clothes in the future!

Step Two - Sorting Piles

Three piles. A keep pile, a throw pile and a maybe pile. Having the maybe pile makes everything less emotional. If you aren't sure on something then you can chuck it in the maybe pile and come back to it later. By that point you normally find that you don't need it or have found another item just like it but better. Piles will help you so much!

Step Three - The Mantra

Ask yourself...

- Do I really need it?

- When was that last time I wore it?

- Am I going to wear it again?

If the answers were, no or I don't no. Then it is time to get rid! Bruttle I know!

Step Four - Efficiency

Make your wardrobe organised and therefore more visible. Doing this will allow you to view your clothes and utilise them ALL. You will also find the ones your not wearing that often, when you do, throw it away! If you do this often enough then you wont have to do a massive wardrobe clear-out every spring! Goals!

So what are you waiting for, stop reading this and start clearing out that wardrobe! Fresh start for spring! Also, don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel as my wardrobe tour is coming very soon and you can see how I organise my own wardrobe!

Thank you for reading!

By ChristinaR

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