Hi everyone and welcome back if you are a regular to, and if you are not then welcome to my new site newbie!

For the last month or two I have been working so hard on perfecting this site and creating good quality content for my blog. I wanted to rebrand myself and kind of bring all of my assets together. For the last year I have been working on growing my blog and starting my Youtube channel. I also started an online store selling some fashionable accessories that I love and wanted to bring to you guys! What I needed in 2017 is to rebrand myself and bring all of these assets of mine together on one platform. A site that could feature my blog, my videos and my growing store.

So I hope you enjoy this new site of mine, get stuck into the blog material and take a look at some of my newest products (PS: The pom pom Keyrings are bestsellers!)

By ChristinaR

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