Diamonte Tracksuit

Happy Friday! As I explained in my last post I want to focus Mondays blog posts on being motivational and more on lifestyle. However, on Fridays I would like to hashtag them 'ChristinaRs Fashion Fridays!' and two Fridays a month I want to dedicate this space for uploading style posts. Sometimes these will showcase my own items, and others it may simply be how to style a fashionable hat or piece of jewellery. Please feel free to request anything you want to see in the comments box below. It could be a 'How to style a white tee' or 'When is the next fashion show'. However, every other Friday will be a Fashion dedicated section. That's my promise to you!

So lets kick start this Friday! Today's post showcases my amazingly comfortable diamante tracksuit! Omg, I have been living in this outfit recently. If you want something comfortable, warm, cosy but also stylish, chic and on point, then look no further! You can buy these tracksuits as off today for £30. So what are you waiting for, go check out my online store here!

By ChristinaR



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