Blogging for Beginners

I have been blogging now for nearly 4 years now and I gotta say, I have picked up a trick or two. It may look like my pictures and schedule are (I hope) good...however, you can believe me when I say it wasn't always that way. It has taken me a few years to collect equipment, find the right backgrounds and learn general tricks of the trade. They say, sharing is caring, so today I want to share with you some of my best lessons.

1. Have a collection of backgrounds.

I have shared this tip before, however, I truly believe it is so valuable. Sometimes we cant always get out and take picturesque coffee photos and we can't all have beautiful marble tables. So my advice...fake it till you make it! I like to keep a stash of different background boards to make it look like I am in different places at different times. When really I am still at my coffee table enjoying some tea and biscuits. My coffee table actually has a white surface, so many time I use this for flat-lays. Other times I have a white wooden effect or a marble effect canvas. I make these background by applying a styled vinyl to a large cardboard surface. And voila...a lightweight, easily storeable, interchangeable background. Perfect!

2. Plan ahead!

This is so important if you are trying to grow your blog. Plan ahead, if possible, months ahead. I actually like to plan about 3 months ahead so that I am organised and kind of know where I am going and what I am aiming for. Now you don't have to stick to everything you planned, or even plan exact posts. However, definitely try to have upload days to keep things on schedule. I also find it useful to have themed months. For example, last month I did wellness month march, and pretty much all of my posts were wellness based. This month, if you haven't noticed already, I am writing a lot about my experience with blogging.

3. Organise your hardrives

Stay organised! Otherwise you can get jumbled up so easily! Keep your hard drives and folders clean, organised and regularly go through them and do a clean out. Treat your hard drives the same way you would a spring clearout. I like to keep a BLOG PICS folder for all of my pictures. This way I know where I can find a specific picture when I a looking for it. A QUOTES folder, for all of my photo-shopped creating. Also a Video folder for all of my youtube videos and edits. This keeps everything in clean, easy and in order.

4. photo days

Do your photos in batches! It is such hard work to go out every day to take photos. So organise a day where you can do them all at once. This could be a day of flat-lays, where you take a bunch of flat-lay photos of different products. Or it could be a outfits day. Go out with 3 or more outfits in a suitcase to locations and take photos of all three. You will have loads of photos! You do have to carry a suitcase/large bag around and also find somewhere to change, so it isn't easy, however, it can be fun and try to make a day of it. Go out for coffee after all your photos are taken...which is also a great picture opportunity remember!

5. Back Ups

Some days I could write 20 blog posts easily...others I have no creativity. So my last tip would be on those creatively flowing days to write as many posts as possible and have a few posts as back up posts. I've had weeks where I've had creative blocks and having those 3-4 posts backed up ready to go has saved me so much as I still have something to upload. So definitely have a a few back up posts.

I hope this helped some of you who are thinking about starting your own blog and if it did, please comment down below and let me know what you thought! Also don'f forget to follow me over on Youtube and Instagram and joing my new Facebook Group for Bloggers to stay up to date with my daily routines!

Thank you for reading!

By ChristinaR

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