Best Editing Apps For Instagram

Happy Monday everyone! So many of you have been asking me what apps I use to edit my Instagram photos and today I am going to share all!

A lot of the time I use my adobe suite including Lightroom, Photoshop and Premiere Pro. However, today, I wanted to share with you my favourite mobile apps that I frequently use for my pictures. You can use these Apps on your phone and they will take your picture from 0-100 real quick! I am also thinking of doing a Youtube video on 'How I edit my Instagram photos' , so please let me know in the comments down below or over on Instagram if you think that is something you want to see? So here are my must have editing apps ...


Ok, if there is one app that I cannot live without, it is this app. It holds some beautiful filters on this app that are built in and free, however there is also a huge range of filters that you can buy for an affordable price and they make such a difference to your photos quality. In this app you can adjust all things from brightness, contrast, shadows, saturation and even the amount you want to fade a photo. A definite must have in my eyes.



Of course I have Face Tune! I think every blogger/instagrammer has. However, I try not to use it too much, I like to do most of my editing in VSCO and then I will tweak parts of the picture in Facetune. Sometimes this can be on my face, like removing a small blemish or smoothing out texture. However, most of the time I am using the detailing and whitening tool in this app. I like to make certain parts of a picture pop, sometimes this can be the lettering on a magazine or product and other times if can be to give more life to an item of clothing or even in my eyes. However, I would only recommend using this app in small doses, otherwise your pictures can look extremely fake and unrealistic.



I rarely use Snapseed, however it has come in handy one or twice, so I like to keep it on board. I use Snapseed when I need to brighten up only one part of a picture, or de-saturate only a specific item in the shot. It is great for the minor details of a picture and can make all the difference. For example, if I am trying to showcase a lovely pink milkshake in a photo but in the background you can see a bright blue top someone is wearing. Then I am going to de-saturate that top so that your eye focuses on the pink milkshake. It is all a game of illusion at the end of the day my friends.



Ok, this is the app that EVERYONE has been asking me about lately. It is what I use to give my photos that grainy effect that everybody loves at the moment. Very much like VSCO, you can import a photo into this app and apply filters. However, in Mextures the filters can be layered up and they are more for grainy and scratchy effects as well as others like light flares and so on. You can get really creative in this app and I think it is a great app to have handy.



I also wanted to mention the app UNUM. It is not an editing app like the others, however it is just as handy. After editing all of your pictures you don't want to waste them all by putting them in a messy order on Instagram and ruining your feed. Well UNUM can help you with this as you can import all of your newly edited photos and arrange them into a beautifully looking feed before actually uploading them! UNUM allows you to import 18 photos (which works out a week and a half for me) and rearrange them how you like. Maximise your Instagram feed and keep it looking beautiful and clean with UNUM!


These are my personal favourite apps and as you can see, using these Apps can transform your photos. However there are so many out there and I am always finding new and fabulous ways to be creative with my pictures. Whats your favourite App? Let me know if the comments down below!

Thank you for reading!

By ChristinaR

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