Avoiding Refined Sugar

These days we are becoming more educated in the world of sugar. What is classed as bad sugar and what is classed good sugar. The more I have learnt about refined sugar the more I have tried to avoid it and have started seeing it as a drug. I am still learning so much about the world of wellness and although I can't tell you the ins and out's about why sugar is bad for you. I can share the tricks I have been using to avoid it as much as possible.

Alternative sugars

I still keep refined sugar in my household as I have guests who come over regularly and enjoy it in their teas and coffees. However, I try to steer them towards having an alternative sweetener that I use like Coconut sugar. This is great in your tea's and coffee's. This is also a great alternative when cooking and baking. Unfortunately, I don't use it too often in baking as my husband is actually allergic to nuts. However, I do use it in small energy bites for myself or beverage's, and for all of you out their that don't have allergies then this is a great alternative sugar!

Another all natural sugar is Agave Syrup. You can use this in so much! I use it on my pancakes, on my breakfast yogurts or porridge's, smoothies and even in my teas and Matcha drinks! It is amazing! Be sure to get a 100% agave nectar and not a refined sugar packed syrup. Just simply check the ingredients.


Other ways I avoid sugar is I stay clear of fizzy pop. Anyone that knows me knows I rarely drink Coca Cola, Fanta or anything of the like. I am a massive water fan! Whats more, infuse your water with fruits and you can reap the health benefits - check out my hydration blog here. If you really do crave a fizzy pop however, try Kumbacha. It is a healthy alternative that still gives you that fizz kick!


If your like me and are always on the go and don't have much off a set routine sometimes it can be hard to steer away from sugar. Even if you do have a routine it can still be hard. When a Starbucks is just across the road and you need a beverage or a snack, then it is difficult to stay healthy and steer clear from bad sugars. Try having some go to items in well known shops that are a healthier option's. For example, water and green teas are a great go-to in a coffee shop, and Starbucks are now doing Matcha Lattes too! Also try opting for a yogurt or a salad rather than a croissant or sandwich. If you can, also try seeking out a fresh juice bar. We all have mobiles, and most off us have access to the internet (not everyone I know, but most) so use it! Try filling yourself up on a fresh juice and small snack.

Also, try keeping snacks in your bag, this can be a lifesaver. A small pack of nuts or a veg and hummus pot can see you through a hunger pang.

To sum up, it is all about balance. In todays world it is so hard to cut out refined sugar completely. It is pretty much in everything we eat. Bread, milk, canned food, salad dressings...the list goes on. So don't beat yourself up if you have refined sugar, just remember life is all about balance. Have that birthday cake! Go for that holiday cocktail! Just all in moderation. Saying this, the more educated you are on sugar the more you can avoid it in day to day life. So get more educated with these suggested programs and reads.




By ChristinaR

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