What a year, what a year! You couldn't write it could you? However, among all the hardships I feel like there have been flickers of happiness and achievements and here I am to inject some positivity and gratitude for the year 2020.


Probably my biggest achievement of 2020. I've always wanted to launch my own brand. Something that I loved and believed in...but I never knew what that would end up being. This year however, has given me time to sit and think about brand ideas and somehow I got the guts to actually work on something and launch it. To my surprise...Bammblez has been a hit! I have achieved two sell outs of my new mum bracelet and the orders keep coming in. All of my products are hand made by me and I put all my love into them. I cant wait for the new year to expand my project and make new and exciting things which I think you will all love!


I always liked the idea of making an extra bit of pocket money via a company consultant scheme...but I never found the right fit for my brand. Until Neal's Yard came along. I attended a zoom facial party and I just fell in love with the brand and everything it stands for. It’s ethics, organic lifestyle and the idea of being environmentally friendly. I love it! So when I found out you could become a consultant and earn money by selling the products...I couldn't wait to be signed up. This is the kind of company I can get behind and sell...and if I can make an income in doing so then it’s a win win! I started in August 2020 and haven’t looked back since. Earning a nice little income each month has made such a difference for me and allowed me to go ahead with my own small business Bammblez. I can’t wait to see what 2021 brings for my Neals yard adventure.


Many of you may already know about my mental health struggles. If not then check out my video on post partum psychosis video and come back! After having my son Keelan and going through this ordeal, I made it my life mission to create awareness for this mental condition. To let other mums know that they are not alone and that feeling a certain way is ok and normal. So after making this YouTube video I was contacted by a media agency to share my story further. This year I have been in the daily mail online, chat magazine And the fifty shade of motherhood podcast. I think this makes a job well done in raising awareness. It won’t stop there though, I plan on doing much more next year. Do you have any ideas that could help me?


And of course...just surviving a global pandemic needs an award in itself! It has been a hard year for us all, with people loosing jobs, getting sick and dealing with mental’s been a tricky one. But if your reading this I hope you give yourself a pat on the back and a big hurray for getting as far as you have already!

So what can you expect from me in 2021. My schedule is about to change and my content too. Some will be free and available to you all and some may come with a small price tag. You will still be getting YouTube content from me weekly, however I plan on going down to one video a week on a Sunday. Most probably a weekly vlog with a few sit down videos chucked in there too! A plan on blogging every fortnight to keep this little space on the internet alive, and then there is my Patreon! I am so excited to be launching my patreon on January 11th 2021 . You can support me as a brand by pledging anything from £2 to £10, and for doing so you will receive exclusive content, from extra blog posts to podcasts and videos. It is a big step for me and I have worked really hard on creating the right content for my following. I would love it if you would join me over on my Patreon platform for a loving and caring community as well as extra content!

Thank you for reading


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