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Palette Picnic

In todays post we are showing you a creative, stylish, and very floral palette picnic set up. You can create this look at a venue, in a park or even if your back garden. The basics on this look include a large palette (or possibly two stacked for height), some rugs/throws, cushions, florals and then your beverages and food.

We decided to go with a pink theme for this look as well as throw in some boho vibes with succulents, patterns and crochet. Candles also helped towards a romantic atmosphere in the evening.

This a fun and pretty way to spend an afternoon with friends. You don't need to have a meal, you could simply have a tea party in your back garden. Impress them all with some stylish backdrops, flowers and a comfy set up. You could even have a few strawberry daiquiri cocktails to make it an occasion. (DIY post on those soon!).

By ChristinaR

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