Life with a Puggle

One Sunday morning I woke up to my now husband scrolling through the internet and showering me with information on a dog called a Puggle. After listening to him for an hour and seeing the incredibly cute puppy photos online I agreed with him that we should invest in our own little pup. Little did I know he had already found a dog breeder/seller and we both got very excited. We called them to ask if they still had the dogs for sale and as fate had it, they did. We told them we would pick a boy pup that afternoon.

We rushed to pets at home to buy all things puppy related. A bed, food, treats, toys, bowls, you name it, we bought it. We hurriedly raced into the car to the sellers house in Harringate as if he was going to sell his last puppy that hour. We were so excited in the car journey, talking about names and what our first night with a puppy would be like. To say the least, the process was very rushed...however, us Ratfords, if we get an idea in our head, it has to be executed pretty damn sharply. We were just so excited.

Now, to say the least, the guy was pretty dodgy. When we called he appeared from almost nowhere so we couldn't see where he lived. I believe this is because it probably wasn't the best environment for puppy's. I almost felt that I had to take the puppy home to save him. We held two baby boys and the one we chose became our most loved Puggle Cliff. The name? As a member of team CR (a joke name myself and Craig gave ourselves when first dating) , he had to have a name beginning with a C, and as mine and Craigs favourite book is wuthering heights, Heathcliff (a character in the story) shortened to Cliff just seemed perfect.

We got Cliff home promptly and fed him his rice and chicken as suggested by the breeder. He scoffed it down! It was like he had never eaten before. Little did we know, this is just a trait Cliff has held on to. We were in such awe of the new addition to our family. We loved him dearly and it had only been a few hours.

So what is it actually like to own a Puggle? Well, it is stressful and wonderful all in the same breath. Puggles are loving and affectionate like the pug in them, very loyal and caring, he will lick you to death haha. However, it seems like he is always hungry! That is the beagle in him. Constantly on the hunt for food. Now, I know many dogs are like this, noses at the ready and puppy dog eyes on demand. However, Puggles fish for food anywhere and we have to be extra careful not to leave anything out anywhere. That being said, it also meant training him didn't come to hard. He would listen to any demand if it meant he could have a slice of chicken.

One thing to note with Puggles is that they molt...everywhere! Two times a year, however mostly in the summer, Cliffs hair can be found anywhere! On your clothes, on the floor and even in my belly button one time! TMI?

As for exercise, we try to take him out a good 4-5 times a week. We just don't have the time to do it every day. Perhaps if we moved into more of the countryside then it would be a lot easier. However the 4-5 walks he gets seems to do him just fine. He will have his walk and then pretty much sleep for the rest of the day...even two days sometimes. I suppose that is because we do quite long walks to make up for the amount of times he goes out.

All being said, having a dog in our small Ratford family makes it complete. He loves our little Keelan and just enjoys being in our company day in and day out. Having a cuddle with him before bed just warms the heart and I wouldn't have Cliff any other way.

You can see more Cliff and of my day to day life here on my Youtube Channel

Thank you for reading!

By ChristinaR

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