Who is Christina in 2020?

Who am I? This is a really hard question to answer after the year I have had. I am a mum, an influencer, a sister, a daughter and a wife...to name a few of my titles. This year, after struggling with a mental condition and ending up in a psych ward, I have become a stronger woman, a more organised woman. A woman you has faced and overcome her inner demons. I will be doing a post all on my journey with post partum psychosis (or you can find my video all about it here), but for now I can share with you a little about who Christina is now.

This year I want to make something of myself. Work hard at my art and turn my passion into my job. People can call me an over-sharer, but I like to think of it as open and honest. I like to raise awareness wherever possible and for all different causes. This year I want to recycle more and do my bit to save the planet. I want to become stronger mentally. I want to rebuild broken relationships and practice forgiveness. I want to better myself in any way possible. I want to do all of this for myself but also for my growing family. I want to be remembered as a good person who helped others. I also want to spread this positivity everywhere, within my family, within my heart and with you here on my little space on the internet.

What can you expect from ChristinaR this year?

Expect a lot more content. This is my year to shine. I am working on a schedule that should allow me to post

2 Blog posts a month on Wednesdays,

1 new video each Monday that should be helpful and beneficial for my viewers and

1 fresh vlog every Friday and Occasionally I hope to upload some IGTV content also.

The kind of content you can expect is family inspiration, tips on how to run an organised family life, mum life and the occasionally fashion project. I want to share more of my day to day runnings and be more open with you my viewers.

Is this too much for a new mum? Maybe it is. However, one thing I have learnt this year is I cant always be mum. I need to be Christina sometimes, the girl who enjoys creating content, the girl who strives for success and the girl who never gives up. I believe that if I work hard enough then I can create this content as well as be a stay at home mum and look after my son. My dream is to earn a living from this passion and to still be able to look after my children. My new beginning starts here, today. It is all daunting as well as exciting.

So will you come along with me on my journey? Share my highs and share my lows. Follow me and my family through a better year. Enjoy our day to day formalities and hopefully I can help you my viewers as much as you have helped me through the last year.

Thank you for reading!

By ChristinaR

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