How to make a Vision Board

So you have your ideas and you have pinned all those pictures on pinterest but you still can't quite piece together what you want your wedding to look like. Or if you have, your partner can't quite see your vision. Sound familiar? Well do not fret! We have the solution. Creating a vision board not only helps you visualise everything, but will also help express your creativity to other people. This will help you, your wedding planner or your partner to work together to create the wedding day of your dreams.

It really is simple, you simply pull together all those photos you have found online and in magazines, collect all those swatches of fabric and get creative. You can do this on an A4 piece of paper, a large pin-board, a white board...heck, you can even do this on your fridge. Just find a place and collage away. You can find a link to my video HERE where you can see a step by step tutorial.

By ChristinaR

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