My Bullet Journal Series

Good Morning and happy Monday! This weekend I posted my first Plan with me video on youtube and am really pleased with the outcome. I have always loved stationary and using a diary and doodling, so starting a bullet journal just felt so natural to me. So I thought I would write a quick post this week to explain why I love the bullet journal.

To start with, its organisation, and anything that involves being organised has me hooked. What I love about the bullet journal is that it scales down from yearly organising, to monthly to weekly to daily. Which makes it so much easier to prioritise and set tasks.

I also love how creative you can be with the bullet journal. I mean, it is a blank canvas that you can set up however you want. You can make it bold and colourful or you can keep it minimal, you can let your personality come out. At the moment I like mine to be quite tidy and minimal, however, the beauty of the bullet journal is that if next month I feel like creating something bright and colourful, I can!

I love how the bullet journal allows me to practice my writing skills. I have always enjoyed calligraphy and fancy writing and with the journal I can use it on a regular basis rather than just in birthday cards. These days everything is easily tapped into the phone or tablet and the only notes I make is a short to do list on a post it pad. Now I have a reason to practice and upkeep my fancy writing skills!

All in all, I think the bullet journal is a great, flexible and creative system that everyone should try. It isn't expensive and I would suggest starting out in just a notebook you already have lying around at home so that you can practice and even see if it is for you before spending money. However, if you do want to invest in the books and pens, I have linked a few below that myself and others recommend.

By ChristinaR

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