My Secrets to the Perfect Blog Post

Now, I am no expert and am still fairly new to this industry, but over the last few years I have picked up a trick or two for sure, from how to write on the go to taking an eye catching shot! So here is the first post I have of many planned all on my blogging tips. So if you want to know my handy tips, then keep reading.

1. Fake your background!

We can't all afford marble tables and wooden/brick backdrops, I sure couldn't when I first started, and even if I could I had know where to put tables and props in my tiny bedroom at the time. So getting some cardboard (or a canvas board) and covering it with marble looking vinyl (or any other style you like, wooden, brick or even plain white) is perfect for flat-lays. Its cheap, easy, storable and looks great in photos.

2. Create a 'Blogging Box'

For ages I found it difficult to build flat-lays and make products look interesting. Then I realised, when it came to shoot day I was not inspiring myself enough. So whenever I was out shopping I started to collect things that I thought would look good in photos (flat-lays in particular). This could be fake flowers, stationary clips, pencils, christmas baubles, fairy lights, tissue paper, confetti, mugs and cups...literally anything. I keep all of these things in a little basket now so that when it comes to photo day I have my handy stash of inspiration props to hand and can spruce up any picture with these props.

3. Plan Ahead.

Plan everything! Plan what you want to write about and what pictures you want to take for that post. I tend to draft my post's for the month and then go from there. I'll create my title, draft my post, plan my pictures, take my pictures and then fine tune and finish the post. This is not always my schedule, as sometimes I will take pictures and draw inspiration from them instead, but either way, I plan, plan, plan! I live out of notebooks to do this and also work with my gmail calendar (more on this another time)

4. Lighting is Key.

Lighting your pictures will make all the difference. You can look up lighting in more detail, but my main key points are, try not to take photos in direct sunlight, cloudy days are a bloggers best friend and try to take indoor product shots in a well lit area or by the window.

5. Download your blogging app.

Most blogging websites have a downloadable app for your phone and/or tablet. This makes editing on the go so easy and accessible and I would highly recommend it. When starting my blog I used Wordpress and having the app on my phone made it so much easier to draft up posts whilst I was on the go and ensured that I had a new post every week and kept to a schedule. It also meant that I never missed an opportunity of inspiration because as soon as an idea sparked in my head, I could start typing it out.

By ChristinaR

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