My favourite false nails (Shhhhh)

I love Primark glue on nails! For the last year I have become an addict to 'glue it on yourself' false nails. I realised that I love to switch up my nails so much and I was spending so much time and money going to the salon every few weeks that I just could not keep it up. So I started looking into glue on nails, and there are many I love, the Kiss nails to name another brand.

However, a few months ago Primark came out with their range of glue on nails and they have so many fantastic shapes and colours.

Using glue on nails means that I can change up my shape and colour as often as I want, and whats takes literally 5 minutes! So no more surprise nights out where you don't have your nails done! You can pick up a pack of these and apply them straight after you get out the shower! Whats is more is they are £1! Amazing!

By ChristinaR

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